Sign disclaimers

Please read the disclaimers below carefully:

Please look over your proof carefully. If there is an error and it is not corrected, we are not responsible for the cost of a reprint.


We have a $40.00 shop minimum before shipping cost. If your order total does not exceed the minimum, it will be bumped to $40 automatically.


There is a job number as well as our website in small print in the corners of the sign. We can remove our website upon request. The job number will remain on all signs. During the proofing process, the job number is represented by a series of seven 9s (9999999), this will be replaced by the job number assigned to your order during the invoicing process. This text is 0.10” tall.


Full bleed large format yard signs may have approximately an 1/8” of a white border due to the printing process.


If you have chosen Yellow material instead of White, it is a $0.20 per sign additional charge.


If you have requested Directional Arrows or 2 or more different images, there is a $25.00 charge for each image change.


If you have chosen fluorescent ink, it is an additional $0.20 per sign. Please be aware signs with fluorescent ink have a short yard life of approximately 30 days and are not intended for long term use.

If you are ordering small format signs and large format signs of the same design, the colors may slightly differ due to different printers and printing processes. If you are also ordering additional materials, such as magnets, stickers, post cards, etc. the colors may also slightly differ due to different printers and printing processes.

There is a standard 1” unprinted margin unless full bleed has been requested. The proof does show this unprinted margin. If you have requested full bleed, it is an additional $0.20 per sign than standard pricing.

Vertical flutes are standard; if you want horizontal flutes, please be sure to request this.

Promotional discounts/ offers cannot be combined or duplicated.

Magnets may not stick to aluminum vehicles. Remove magnets often to clean.

As of March 2022, we no longer accept American Express as a form of payment.

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